Best Electric Hedge Trimmer 2019 [Updated] – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Do you need a hedge trimmer capable of running quietly without kicking out any emissions?

Are you looking to work in a larger space where you need a little extra power and no concerns about running out of battery?

If so, an electric hedge trimmer is an obvious solution. We’ve highlighted 5 of the leading options in a glutted market to save you time and money while streamlining your buying decision.

We’ll dive straight into our reviews before giving you some handy guidance on buying the best electric hedge trimmer.

Electric Hedge Trimmer 2019 Reviews

#1. BLACK+DECKER HH2455 HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER HH2455 3.3-Amp HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle And Dual Blade Action Blades, 24'

The BLACK+DECKER HH2455 manages to deliver impressive cutting power despite tipping the scales at just 6 ½ pounds.

The 3.3-amp inline motor has gear reduction baked in to increase lifespan, and it’s beautifully balanced to give you ample power without compromising control or precision.

The 24-inch dual-action blade is long enough to allow you to deal with taller, wider hedges without needing to overstretch. You’ll be able to slice through branches up to ¾-inch thick with these hardened steel shearing blades. You’ll get very little by way of vibration, and the HedgeHog runs quietly, too.

Weight distribution is combined with thoughtful design to give you a hedge-cutting tool that’s a pleasure to use. The rear handle rotates through a full 180 degrees. With five optional stops, you’ll be able to cut both vertically and horizontally.

While corded power tools generally offer superior performance, that cord can be a nuisance and potential danger if not properly managed. There’s a cable-retainer to keep it neatly in place while you’re working and to ensure it doesn’t come unplugged mid-flow. The only complaint with the cord is that it could be slightly longer.

Another valuable safety feature is the locking switch to prevent any accidental fire-ups. This can also be locked into the on position to allow for continuous usage without keeping your hand on the trigger.

The HedgeHog is backed by the usual 2-year BLACK+DECKER warranty, giving you total peace of mind. Put simply, this is one of the best cutting machines in its class.


  • 24-inch blade works well for wide and hard-to-reach hedges and shrubbery
  • No back strain since you won’t need to overreach while you’re working
  • Inline motor design delivers accuracy and control along with great balance
  • Integrated cord-stopping system puts an end to any accidental unplugging
  • Rotating rear handle with multiple stops for perfect positioning
  • Relatively expensive
  • For use with 120 volts only

#2. Toro 51490 Electric 22-Inch Electric Hedge Cutter

Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

The Toro 51490 is a flawed gem. The slimline dimensions and 22-inch blade work well for lighter pruning duties, but the 9/16-inch maximum cutting capacity will prevent you from undertaking more ambitious yard work. Bear in mind this is just over a half-inch, but we find manufacturers express this lower capacity in this way to make it seem better at a glance. We say this not to insult your intelligence but to make it clear this is far from a commercial cutter.

The dual-action system in place on pretty much all the best electric hedge trimmer slashes vibration to a minimum while the auxiliary handles allow you to wield the Toro with confidence. The soft-grip work handles also allow you to cut for many hours without fatigue.

While you’ll get the ubiquitous cord-lock safety feature, there’s no option to lock this trimmer into permanent on. Take this into account if you struggle with arthritis or find applying continuous pressure to a trigger to be taxing.

Another oversight is the static handle which makes things more awkward than they need to be.

If you can overlook the handful of flaws and you’re looking for a compact, lightweight hedge trimmer for occasional use on smaller shrubbery, the Toro is a solid choice.


  • Potent 4-amp motor and 6 ½-pound form factor gives you great power to weight ratio
  • Hardened steel blades with a dual-action system to minimize vibration when cutting
  • 3-sides support handle helps you work safely and accurately
  • You’ll be able to use this trimmer with a 150-foot extension cord giving you more scope than most competing models
  • Customer service is first-rate while Toro dealers offer the option of in-person assistance
  • Slightly more expensive than similar trimmers in this class
  • No rotating handle is a disappointment
  • You can’t lock this trimmer into the on position, so you’ll need to apply continuous pressure

#3. BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Electric Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer

Everyone has different needs with hedge trimmers, and BLACK+DECKER’s broad range caters to all of them. The BEHT100 is a budget model coming in at an incredibly low price, but you won’t be stiffed on the performance front.

Weighing just 4 ½ pounds, this trimmer is ideal if you’ve got extended pruning to take care of and you struggle with bulky tools. Corded, you won’t be menaced by battery life, so you can take it slow and steady for as long as you need.

The downside of this compact nature is a 16-inch blade which limits your cutting scope somewhat. Think closely about your intended usage and the type of shrubbery you need to deal with to make sure this is enough before committing to purchase.

Despite that lack of reach, the 3-amp motor is more than fit for purpose, and you’ll be able to cut through branches up to 5/8-inch thick.

The 2-year guarantee covers you against breakdown and comes matched with responsive customer care.

If you’re hunting for a superlight hedge trimmer for less ambitious pruning and you want a bargain while sticking with a highly reputable brand, the BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 is a smart bet. If you like this idea but fancy just a little more power, the BEHT200 we feature below has a more powerful motor while offering the same benefits, and it’s only a few bucks more.


  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio from a brand you can trust
  • 3800 SPM pace from 3-amp motor gives you surprising cutting ability for a unit so compact
  • Weighing well under 5 pounds, this is one of the lightest hedge trimmers
  • T-handle to afford fuller control
  • 16-inch blade gives you far less reach than most of the competition

#4.  Greenworks 22122 22-Inch Dual-Action Electric Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks 22-Inch 4 Amp Dual-Action Corded Hedge Trimmer 22122

Much like Worx, Greenworks also offers consistently well-engineered tools at a highly affordable price-point, and this 22-inch hedge trimmer continues that tradition.

With bright paintwork, you won’t have any problem spotting your trimmer if you set it down and get distracted. Too few manufacturers pay attention to this, and there’s little more frustrating than hunting down tools that seem to blend into the yard rather than standing out like the neon green of Greenworks.

As with most of the best hedge trimmers, you’ll get a dual-action blade in hardened steel ensuring almost no vibration. The blade is built to go the distance even if you put it through some heavy punishment.

Cutting capacity is 5/8-inch, meaning you’ll be able to comfortably deal with most hedges, shrubs, and bushes at home.

While perhaps better known for their cordless tools, Greenworks deliver fully with this corded version. Enjoy the same reduced environmental footprint without the worry of running out of battery. Moreover, since this tool is so light, you’ll be able to keep going for hours without feeling tired.

The 4-year warranty is more than double that of its competitors and gives you total security. It shows that Greenworks stands behind this remarkably capable hedge trimmer. It is well worth trying this tool out if you have light work in mind.


  • Capable 4-amp motor helps you get more work done in less time
  • Cut from just about any angle thanks to the neatly rotating handle
  • Cushioned grip prevents any risk of slippage and lets you work comfortably for prolonged periods
  • Front hand guard is an invaluable safety feature, and you’ll also get on integrated cord lock
  • Benefit from reduced vibration through the dual-action mechanism in place
  • Some complaints about this trimmer struggling with more robust branches
  • Cord retainer is fiddly and fairly ineffective

#5.  BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 Electric Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 Hedge Trimmer

The first thing we need to do with the BEHT200 is clear up an error in the listing.

This is marketed as capable of cutting branches of ¾ inches whereas BLACK+DECKER recommends in the manual not attempting to slice through any wood more than 5/8-inch thick. While this is not a huge difference, don’t mistakenly buy this trimmer if you’ve got heavier-duty yard work to undertake. Shoot for one of the larger models in the range to be on the safe side.

With that set aside, the BEHT200 is otherwise more than capable. You’ll get a winning combination of a lightweight trimmer offering great control while the 3½-amp motor is highly capable.

The 18-inch blade means you won’t be able to hack away high overhanging branches easily. The hardened steel tamps down vibration, and this trimmer is also exceedingly quiet, letting you work late without disturbing the neighbors.

The wrap-around front handle is ergonomic, but you might the guard is a little too close for comfort. The bale design and soft grips help you to cut from any angle without blistering your hands.

The BEHT200 is a wise choice of hedge trimmer if you’re looking for a maneuverable and nimble tool that will cut through most regular garden shrubbery without needing to spend a fortune.


  • Updated 3 ½-amp motor lets you power your way through thicker branches up to 5/8 inches
  • Wrap-around front handle for safety and maneuverability
  • Weighing less than 6 pounds, you can beaver away for long spells without straining yourself
  • Outstanding value for such a capable trimmer
  • Standard BLACK+DECKER 2-year warranty
  • Can only cut up to 5/8-inch thickness
  • Guard positioned slightly too close to the handle

Corded vs. Cordless Hedge Trimmer

We’ve broken down all the various types of hedge trimmers for you, and there’s no right or wrong answer to what’s best. All you should be concerned with is what works best for you.

Here’s a snapshot of the main advantages and drawbacks of corded and cordless models so you can see at a glance which would make the best fit.

Corded Hedge Trimmers: Pros

  • Constant fade-free power with no chance of running out of juice mid-pruning
  • No emissions whatsoever unlike gas-fuelled beasts
  • You’ll get more power as a rule with corded trimmers
  • You can mitigate some of the reach limitations of the power cable by using an extension cord.

Corded Hedge Trimmers: Cons

  • You’ll be limited by how far away from a power outlet you can work
  • There’s always the risk of tripping over the cord and, even worse, cutting through it accidentally

Cordless Hedge Trimmers: Pros

  • The cord-free convenience allows you complete mobility throughout a larger garden without needing to worry about power outlets
  • If you’re already invested into one of the manufacturers offering multi-tool systems, you can use the same battery across multiple applications saving yourself money
  • There’s no trip hazard and no chance of cutting through a cord
  • Just like with corded electric models, you’ll get no emissions and very little noise making them eco-friendly and neighbor-friendly tools
  • Very straightforward maintenance with no specialist knowledge required

Cordless Hedge Trimmers: Cons

  • Cordless models tend to be less powerful than their electric counterparts
  • You’ll need to pay close attention to run time and make sure you can get enough work in before needing to recharge
  • If you get cut short mid-pruning, you’ll need to wait hours until your trimmer is charged up again
  • Many cordless models come as bare tools, forcing you to buy the battery and charger separately

What to Look for When Buying a Good Electric Hedge Trimmer

When you’re on the trail of the best corded hedge trimmer, there are a few simple pointers you should take into account to get the right tool for the job.

First thing’s first, you should consider your yard and intended usage.

Scope of Electric Hedge Trimmer Work

Double down on these factors before launching into the specifics of which type of electric hedge trimmer makes the best fit.

  • Size of your yard
  • Type of hedges you’ll be cutting
  • Dimensions and thickness of the hedges and shrubbery
  • Accessibility and any tight spots or awkward areas

This will help you determine whether you need to prioritize power, portability, or a combination of both.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Power

It goes unsaid that you won’t get the same degree of power from most electric trimmers as gas-powered variants provide.

There is, however, a reasonable difference in how much performance you’ll get from model to model with corded electric versions.

Look at both the amperage of the motor and the cutting speed expressed in strokes per minute (SPM) as well as checking out plenty of reviews to see what other buyers have discovered about power under real operating conditions.

The amount of power you need is directly related to the elements you should think about regarding your yard and the kind of foliage you’ll be working with. There’s no magic number, so buy in line with your needs.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Blade Length

While a longer blade allows for even, consistent trimming and affords you more reach, there’s also a downside.

If you’ll be doing most of your cutting at close quarters or in restricted spaces, a longer blade can serve as a disadvantage.

For the average hedge, an 18-inch blade is enough.

If you have larger shrubs to deal with, shoot for 20 inches and above.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Blade Type

Trimmers for home use come with smaller gaps between the teeth of the blades and most are roughly the same.

Single-sided blades are safe and easy to maneuver while double-sided blades allow you to work more swiftly.

A dual-action blade mechanism means you’ll get far less vibration.

Hedge Trimmer Cutting Capacity

Check for the maximum thickness of branch the trimmer can deal with and make certain this is adequate for your requirements.

Most electric trimmers operate in the range of ½-inch to ¾-inch.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Weight and Ease of Use

Consider how much importance you place on weight and portability. This depends to a large extent on your physical capability and the type of work you’ll be doing.

Will you be pruning for extended periods?

Do you need to cut in confined spaces?

Answer these questions, and you’ll be ready to choose which specific hedge trimmer makes the most fitting addition to your arsenal.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmer 2019 [UPDATED] Reviews Conclusion

You should now have a clear idea of what to focus on when you’re tracking down the best electric hedge trimmer.

It’s tough to isolate an overall winner from this selection since everyone has different requirements.

So, we’d suggest you take the time to study our brief guide, think carefully about the type of work you’ll be executing, then opt for whichever one of these models best aligns with those needs.