Best Gas Hedge Trimmer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you hunting for a powerhouse hedge trimmer capable of hacking through larger, thicker branches while still offering plenty of control?

If so, we’ve got a quartet of best gas hedge trimmer fuelled beasts all worth your attention. While your ad experience may be mixed, we’ve cut through the marketing tactics to assess these tools.

As long as you don’t mind a little noise and a few emissions, read on to see which of these trimmers best gels with your gardening method.

Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers 2019 Review

1. Poulan Pro 22-Inch 2-Cycle – Top

Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

A powerful 2-cycle 23cc motor gives you all the performance you’d expect from a Poulan along with the ease of using a pre-mixed gas/oil combo. With fewer moving parts than a 4-cycle, you’ll also cut down on maintenance and the expense of repairs.

22-inch steel blades are built for sustained and heavy punishment while the dual-action mechanism eliminates much of the vibration that could otherwise cause you to lose control. You’ll be able to comfortably snip away at branches of up to an inch thick. From large hedges to unruly shrubs, tough fruit trees to overhanging branches, the Poulan Pro makes light work of it all.

When full of gas, this trimmer weighs roughly 11 pounds. While that’s a little heavier than most electric models, it’s still light enough to use without feeling too burdened.

There’s a slight learning curve with the Poulan Pro, but this is common to all gas-powered models which are not quite as much of a plug-and-play experience as electrics. You’ll also need to allow a little time for this trimmer to limber up, but once it’s firing on all cylinders, you’ll enjoy a powerhouse experience.

As with every gas-powered trimmer, think in advance about noise and emissions. If this is no problem for you, the Poulan Pro makes a wonderful addition to any tool kit.


  • Superb 23cc full crank engine allows you to power through more demanding foliage with ease
  • Dual-action steel blades can deal with branches up to 1 inch thick and the cutting length is a generous 22 inches
  • Blades stay sharp and won’t rust out
  • Relatively lightweight for a gas model, tipping the scales at just 11 pounds
  • Rotating handle allows you to work from all angles with less strain and less vibration
  • Takes some time to warm up
  • A few complaints in user reviews about poor customer service and expensive repairs

2. Husqvarna 122HD60 23.7-Inch

Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer 9665324-02

Husqvarna has a hard-won reputation for delivering power tools with first-class build quality, enviable performance, and a reasonable price tag. The 22HD60 is no exception, but what makes it so good?

The 21.7cc gas-powered engine is torquey and ensures you’ve got all the performance you need on tap. Coupled with a long 22-inch blade, you’ll be able to get through demanding pruning and trimming jobs without straining yourself.

Wet wood up to ¾-inch thick and stubborn rose stems present no problem. You’ll also be able to tear into thicker and more out-of-control hedges with ease.

Raw power alone is not much use with a trimmer, though. You’ll also need to be able to work with precision and delicacy. The neatly pivoting rear handle allows you to cut from all angles while the absence of vibration ensures you stay in full control while also remaining comfortable as you work.

The only meaningful drawbacks with this trimmer are an inability to work well at full throttle and some general complaints about the smoothness of the engine.

Overall, if you’re prepared to accept the downsides of a best gas-powered hedge trimmer, the Husqvarna punches above its weight and will make all your yard work almost effortless.


  • SmartStart engine eliminates a lot of the fuss that can blight gas-powered trimmers
  • Heavy-duty and well-greased 22-inch blades are rigid enough to carve through even tougher branches
  • Twisting and swiveling rear handle gives you plenty of agility
  • Get less stress while working thanks to highly effective vibration dampening
  • Stop switch reverts to starting position when the engine switches off to streamline operations
  • A few complaints from disgruntled users about this trimmer not running smoothly
  • Can cut out when worked hard at full throttle

3. PROYAMA 5-in-1 Trimming Tools

PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tools, Multi Functional Sets Gas Hedge Trimmer, String Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Pole Chainsaw Pruner with Extension Pole

If you want something more than a basic hedge trimmer, this set from PROYAMA gives you a great deal of value and caters for more demanding yard work than pruning a small, simple hedge.

You also get a string trimmer and brush cutter for those finishing touches and more challenging branches. A pole saw complete with 43-inch extension pole allows you to reach areas a regular trimmer would leave you grasping in vain.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get everything else you need thrown in from earmuffs and face shield to gloves and a chainsaw bar carrier. If you don’t already have all these items, this bundled set is a very smart way to lay in plenty of items in one shot.

Power is at a premium with a 26cc 2-stroke engine. The hedge trimmer is super-simple to use, and the easy starting system ensures you won’t waste too much time fiddling around.

Once you’re unleashed, you’ll be able to confidently perform a broad spread of gardening duties without needing to invest in a bunch of separate tools.

This set is a complete solution to cutting, pruning, and trimming. You won’t need to spend a fortune either, which makes it one of the best gas hedge trimmer combos out there.


  • Outstanding bundle with a string trimmer, brush cutter, pole chainsaw pruner, and extension to sit alongside your hedge trimmer
  • Potent 26cc engine for robust and torquey performance, even with challenging applications
  • The engine is 2-stroke for ease of use and air-cooled for enhanced performance
  • Blades adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • Easy starting system avoids typical hassles
  • 1-year warranty could be improved

4. Tanaka TCH22ECP2 2-Cycle

Tanaka TCH22ECP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 30-Inch Commercial Double-Sided Blades

Last but by no means least, the Tanaka TCH22ECP2 is a true powerhouse.

Weighing 11 pounds, this trimmer is no lightweight. Part of the reason for this bulk is the sizeable fuel tank, giving you the means to work for longer without interruption. It’s a trade-off worth making in our opinion.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly small 21.1cc engine. This 2-stroke is easy to operate and poky, delivering a great deal of power without too much noise. The decibel rating is 89. While hardly whisper-quiet, it’s not outrageously loud either.

Reach is impeccable thanks to the huge 30-inch blade. The reciprocating nature of the blade helps you get more done in less time while it’s solid and built to stay the distance even when pushed hard.

Comfortable and easy to use (if you can weather that weight), the Tanaka is ideal for smaller commercial projects and also comes into its own if you have a larger yard with stubborn, unruly shrubbery. It is one of the best gas hedge trimmers in its class.


  • 21.1cc engine is not the largest but is surprisingly capable and rated for small commercial jobs as well as residential gardening work
  • Extended reach from 30-inch reciprocating blades
  • Forward-facing exhausts to eliminate the chance of burns
  • Exceptional anti-vibration system so work for longer without feeling the strain
  • Multiple positions on the rear handle allow you to work from just about any angle fuss-free
  • Reasonably expensive but represents a great investment
  • Heavy
  • A few concerns voiced about build quality and lifespan

The Factors to Consider when Choosing a Good Pro Gas Hedge Trimmer

Have you decided a gas trimmer best fits your needs?

If not, check out our comparison of gas and electric cutters below.

If so, focus on these factors, and you’ll simplify your buying decision.


The role of the blade is central to performance, and you should laser in on these elements:

  • Length: A longer blade helps you get more cutting done in less time. On the downside, that extra weight brings about fatigue quicker while you’ll also struggle working with precision at close quarters. Focus on the jobs you’ll be doing so you can get the best length/work ratio
  • Material: Make sure the blades are made from rust-resistant material and are built to go the distance. Hardened steel is the standard material while carbon steel blades are heat-treated and keep their edge for longer
  • Single or double-sided: While a single-sided blade is safer, a double-sided blade gives you power and versatility. Again, think about which is more of a priority and also factor in your experience level. In capable hands, a double-sided blade is not dangerous. For beginners, a single-sided blade is more appropriate

Teeth Size and Spacing

Most gas-powered trimmers have teeth that are larger and more widely spaced.

As you increase both size and spacing, you’ll be able to deal with thicker branches without running into any resistance.


All gas-powered models should deliver more than enough power for regular residential pruning.

Engine power is expressed in terms of cc, and most gas-fueled trimmers fall in the range of 21cc to 28cc.

As always, set this off against the kind of work you’ll be doing to get the most suitable engine.

Weight and Comfort

Rather than looking for the bulkiest trimmer at all costs, think of how it behaves too. Control and ease of use should never be sacrificed in pursuit of size alone.

Since you’ll have an onboard gas tank weighing things down further, think long and hard about the weight and portability so you get something you’ll be comfortable using.

Gas vs. Electric Hedge Trimmer

The easiest way to compare gas and electric hedge trimmers is to briefly summarize the advantages and drawbacks of each. That way, you can see at a glance which of these is the best gas hedge trimmer for you.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Pros

  • You’ll get much more power enabling you to work with speed, arguably the leading advantage of gas-powered hedge clippers
  • Cutting power often extends to 1-inch branches, so you can deal with demanding projects more easily
  • You’ll get complete freedom of movement with no trailing power cord to contend with
  • Gas-powered hedge trimmers have no problem working in damp conditions

Gas Hedge Trimmer Cons

  • You’ll need to factor in the expense of fuel
  • Trickier to maintain and use than electric models
  • You’ll need to think about emissions and noise
  • Tend to be far heavier than compact electric models

Electric Hedge Trimmer Pros

  • Absolutely no emissions so easier on the environment
  • You’ll get far less noise from an electric trimmer, ideal for both you and your neighbors
  • Unlike a cordless trimmer that runs out of battery life or a gas trimmer that relies on fuel, a corded electric model gives you constant power as long as it’s plugged in
  • A very cost-effective approach to gardening with low sticker price and no ongoing costs except a little electricity
  • Easy to use and maintain

Electric Hedge Trimmer Cons

  • You’ll be limited by the length of the power cord and the extension cable so think about the scope of work you’ll be carrying out
  • Generally far less powerful than gas-powered trimmers
  • The cord can be a trip hazard
  • There’s a danger you might cut through the cord while you’re working

As you can see, each type of trimmer comes with a fairly even split of pros and cons.

If you double down on the factors that mean most to you, you should easily determine whether a heavier and more powerful gas model would make the neatest fit for you.

For anyone looking to get more work done in less time, especially when it’s slightly wet, gas power is the way forward. Getting a good hedge trimmer is all about intended purpose, so personalize your decision and decide what works best for you.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Conclusion

Hopefully, you’re now clear on which of these best gas hedge trimmer makes the most sense for you.

Think carefully about whether a gas-fuelled tool is the optimum solution before committing to purchase. If you’re prepared to tolerate a little noise and you don’t object to the emissions, you’ll get a powerful hedge trimmer capable of dealing with the thickest branches and most uncontrollable foliage.