Best pH Meter for Hydroponics [ Reviews 2019 ]

It may come as a surprise that you do not actually need soil to grow plants. In fact, if you have a proper system set up to deliver nutrients directly to the plants, you do not need to have soil at all. Known as hydroponics, these systems are great for plant-growth indoor under very specific conditions for a variety of reasons. Of course, within these systems, precision is key, including the pH level of the water being used.

The “pH” level of water is simply a measurement of how acidic or basic water is. Ideally, you want it at 7, which is right in the middle. Too acidic or too basic can cause harm to plants, especially in hydroponic systems. Beyond plants, measuring pH can be a useful tool in a variety of hobbies, including homebrews, winemaking, and pool maintenance.

Below, you’ll find the best PH meter for hydroponics systems or process you may find yourself using.

Best Hydroponics pH Meters – Product List

1. Apera Instruments AI209 pH20 Value Waterproof Hydroponics pH meter Pocket Tester

pH Meter Hydroponics

If you are looking for a pH measuring tool that can be used for a variety of different reasons, this pH meter is fantastic. It’s small and battery operated, making it easy to travel with. Its design is such that it can be used in a variety of different scenarios beyond simply hydroponics, including testing the pH of water in brewing your own beer, making your own wine, and for regular pool maintenance.

Beyond convenience, this pH meter is incredibly accurate (within .1 pH measurement)  for up to 2000 hours of continuous use and knows when to take a measurement at the optimal time. The digital readout can also tell you when the internal calibrations are off, letting you know to adjust before recording measurements.

Easy to use, accurate, and long lasting, exactly what you want in a hydroponic pH meter.


2. Bluelab PENPH pH Meter Pen for Plant Germination

Looking for a hydroponic meter that specifically has plant health in mind? The Bluelab pH Pen is an ideal choice. It can measure the pH level of your hydroponic systems with ease, as well as the temperature. The digital display gives a wealth of information, including low battery reading, the temperature in a variety of different units, as well as automatically turning off after non-use to save battery.

This pH meter pairs well with the family of Bluelab equipment, and is a great choice!


3. Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller with Hands-Free Monitoring and Dosing of Solution

Running a hydroponic system of any kind can be a lot of hands-on work, even with a highly accurate pH meter. If you are the “set it and forget it” type of consumer, the Bluelab CONTPH was made just for you. Not only does it accurately measure the pH level, but it also can automatically adjust the pH level to be more acidic or basic, depending on reading. Incredibly useful if managing a large number of hydroponic systems, or if you simply do not like the worry and stress of monitoring and maintaining fragile systems.

In addition to being fully automatic, this pH meter is ideal for large systems. It can manage up to 200 gallons of any solution at a time, keeping it at the exact levels you need for the best, healthiest results. The digital display also makes it easy to see current readings, and if there is a problem, it can flash alarms on the display to let you know that something needs adjusting.

A great automatic product, definitely consider this pH meter if you are looking for more than just measuring pH.


4. Apera Instruments PH700 Benchtop Lab pH Meter, 0.01 pH Accuracy

Another great solution from Apera, if accuracy and convenience are both on your needs in a pH meter for hydroponics, then this pH meter is a must-have. It is extremely accurate with one of the best pH reading abilities on our list (within .01 pH units), making it ideal for making sure you have ideal, optimal conditions within your hydroponic system. It also the ability to be set up with automatic pH balancing features, making it ideal for those who have been frustrated with maintaining hydroponic systems in the past.

Just like the other Apera model on this list, this pH meter features a digital display for easy reading and a self-diagnosis function if it detects that calibrations are off. It can also hold up to 50 different data sets, making it an ideal choice for complex hydroponic systems. To top it off, it is waterproof, dust-proof, and otherwise extremely durable, should the conditions it’s being used in are less than gentle.

An amazing high-end, highly reliable, and highly accurate choice for maintaining ideal pH levels in your hydroponic system, this pH meter should be on your short list of choices.


Find the Ideal PH Meters for Hydroponics – Buying Guide

Though all of these hydroponic pH meters strive for similar goals (properly detecting and displaying pH levels), they offer different functions and conveniences. We have a list of questions to ask yourself to help narrow down your choices to help you find the ideal pH meter for your hydroponic systems:

  • Are you looking just to measure pH or also have a system to adjust it? – Every single pH meter on our list as the ability to accurately read pH levels, but only two have the option to manage a system that can help maintain pH levels. If you are looking to create a self-maintaining system of pH management, this is a feature to consider.
  • How mobile does your pH meter need to be? – You could have the most accurate pH system in the world, but if you need to take it to multiple different sites regularly, it may be frustrating to have to uninstall and reinstall a complicated system. Likewise, if you are only going to be measuring the pH level of one specific system, a simple, handheld unit might not quite do the job you need it to. Consider convenience and mobility before purchasing a pH meter.
  • How accurate does your pH meter need to be? – All of the pH meters on our list are accurate, but not all have the same level of precision as the others. Some are able to be as accurate down to the 1/100th unit of pH, whereas others only down to a 1/10th unit. Depending on your level of accuracy needed may automatically narrow down your choices.
  • What’s your price range? – A simple question can quickly narrow down your options. The range of choices on our list can be hundreds of dollars apart so the top meter for hydroponics might end up being out of your price range. Consider how much you can or want to spend before getting your heart set on a pH meter.
  • Do you already have a certain family of products that may be compatible with specific pH meter brands? – If you otherwise can’t narrow down your options for the ideal pH meter, consider if you’ve already invested in a line of products from a certain brand. If you’ve begun constructing a hydroponic system with a particular brand, considering buying a compatible pH meter to compliment it.

Running a hydroponic system can be a complicated, tedious task, and there are so many factors to consider when building and maintaining the ideal system. We’ve done a chunk of work for your in helping narrow down choices to the top hydroponic pH meters currently available. However, having choices narrowed is only part of the purchasing decision. Be sure to consider our your precise needs to be sure to end up with an optimal product. The last thing you need to struggle within properly maintaining a hydroponic system is buyers remorse!

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