Cordless Lawn Mowers versus Gas Lawn Mowers

In the current market, there are two main types of lawn mowers available. These are electric lawn mowers and gas lawn mowers. Electric mowers, however, are further divided into two types – cordless and corded lawn mowers.

All of these equipment have distinct advantages and disadvantages that make them very appealing. And with too many types to choose from, we understand how stressful it is to weigh out your options and make a decision. We understand the struggle because we have been there before.

That’s why, we have decided to compare and contrast two of the most popular types of lawn mower in the industry – cordless and gas lawn mowers – to see which one will outshine the other.

Let’s find out!

Cordless Lawn Mowers

A cordless mower is one of the two types of electric lawn mowers in the industry. This means that the best cordless lawn mower in 2019 rely on electric charges rather than fuel and oil in order to function. Although it draws power from an electric source, it is not limited to being confined to a socket, which means that it’s not corded.

Cordless lawn mowers have rechargeable batteries that make it more portable than the other type of electric mower, which is corded. You can bring it anywhere on your lawn without having to worry about cord trails entangling behind you.

And because it is battery-based, cordless mowers do not emit fuel emissions while operating unlike gas mowers, making it a more environment-friendly alternative. Another advantage it has over gas mowers is that it’s generally lighter and easier to carry. You will feel less strain when using a cordless mower to mow your lawn.

It also has a relatively easier and effortless start up mechanism. Most mowers of this type is usually powered up with just a push of a button. Say goodbye to repetitively pulling cords just to start your mower.

And to top it all off, cordless mowers produce less noise while operating. This means that you can freely mow your lawn anytime of the day without disturbing and inconveniencing your neighbors.

However, like all equipment, cordless lawn mowers also have disadvantages and weaknesses. For starters, one of the main issues that you will encounter is its lack of capability to operate for long periods of time. This is because the battery of cordless lawn mowers can only provide a running time of about an hour or less.

To address this issue, most manufacturers have tried to install dual battery storage systems in some cordless lawn mowers just to considerably extend its running time. Nevertheless, it still cannot operate as long as a fuel-filled tank gas mower can.

Aside from this, cordless mowers are actually very costly to repair. The parts and components used in the construction of electric mowers are a little complex compared to a good old gas mower. However, it does require less maintenance, which means that it doesn’t take too much to keep it in a good condition. And if it is well-maintained, there is no reason for you to actually need repairs.

Another disadvantage is that cordless mowers, like any electric mower in the market, has a higher initial price than a gas mower. Even though it generally costs less to maintain, it will take a lot of time to actually notice the savings that you can acquire from owning a cordless mower.

And lastly, cordless mowers are not on par with gas mowers when it comes to power output. The latter is simply more powerful and more high performing than an electric mower. But rest assured, these non corded nifty equipment can still get the job done properly.

Gas Lawn Mowers

Generally, gas mowers harbor more power than a cordless lawn mower. It can easily mow thick patches of grass without straining. Like cordless mowers, they are also portable. You can take them anywhere on your lawn, although they are a bit heavier.

Aside from this, maintenance can be a little costly and inconvenient because gas mowers require routine tune ups and oil changes in order to be kept in a good condition. But fortunately, repairs for this type of mowers are relatively easy and affordable. This is because parts and components of gas mowers are priced a lot lower compared to electric mowers.

They also have a fairly affordable initial price that make them more appealing. Most customers choose gas mowers because of their affordability. Sometimes, budget can be a big factor in deciding on what type of equipment to choose. And because they are more affordable, they have been a go-to option for a lot of people.

Unlike cordless lawn mowers, gas mowers have engines that rely on fuel or gasoline to work. This gives them an advantage over electric mowers for they are capable of operating for a long time. However, these engines are further divided into two categories – 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Both of which play a big factor in the performance and maintenance of a gas mower.

2-Stroke Engines

Mowers with a 2-stroke engine require fuel mixture of both oil and gas to function, so, yes, you will need to mix fuel before operating the equipment. Normally, they require 1:50 ratio of oil to gas, but some manufacturers recommend different measurement ratio for their product. Consider consulting the manual before doing an actual mixing to make sure that you are doing it correctly.

Compared to a 4-stroke engine, 2-stroke engines carry more power despite weighing lighter. They are ideal to be used in heavy duty tasks, because they have the capability to produce a higher power output than any type of mower in the market.

The only downside to them is that they produce more fumes and more noise than a 4-stroke engine. Fortunately, 2-stroke engines are required to pass an emission test before entering the market. This ensures that the equipment is safe to be used. As for the noise, there’s not much to do about it but to wear ear muffs to protect yourself while mowing.

4-stroke Engines

4-stroke engined mowers, on the other hand, have lubricated internal parts which means that they can work fine with gasoline alone. They are relatively heavier than a 2-stroke mower, but they do have anti-vibration features that make them capable to work and operate for an extended period of time without overheating.

Another advantage it has over a 2-stroke engined mower is that it produces less noise. It might not be as quiet as an electric mower, but it is quieter than a 2-stroke.

Our Verdict

Initially, we prepared this guide to decide on a winner after a thorough comparison of the two types; However, it is apparent to us that both equipment are appealing in their own way. There is no clear winner in the ultimate showdown between cordless lawn mowers and gas lawn mowers, but what’s clear is that you should choose the equipment that fits your preferences the most.

There is no perfect equipment. Everything has a weakness. It is up to you if you will be willing to overlook these flaws and compromise to make a decision. We have highlighted each type’s advantages and disadvantages. With these information, we are sure that you can choose a mower that is perfect for your financial situation and lawn care needs.

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