The Best Pick: Electric Mower versus Gas Mowers

There are 3 main types of lawn mowers in the market: Manual-reel, Electric, and Gas mowers. Electric and gas mowers are gradually becoming a go-to option by consumers interested in buying lawn mowers. In contrast, manual-reels are slowly losing popularity.

Each type has its own features, but choosing the perfect equipment for you can be a difficult decision to make; lots of factors should be considered, and of them is the power source of your mower.

Type of Lawn Mower and Description

Manual-Reel Lawn Mower

This is old-school push mower is operated by exerting manual effort on it; you will need to push it to turn its blades and cut grass. This is the perfect equipment for environment-conscious people for it doesn’t produce any emissions. It’s the most affordable option in the market. What’s more? It needs neither fuel nor heavy maintenance, substantially cutting additional mowing costs and expenses.

Unfortunately, it has its downsides too. This type of mower is only ideal for best lawn mowers for small yards. Anything bigger will surely be strenuous for its operator. It’s also not ideal for sloped yards.

Gas Lawn Mower

This type of mower is fuelled by gasoline. It is relatively cheaper than electric lawn mowers but maintenance can cost you a lot. Gas mowers require timely tune ups and oil changes. They also produce greenhouse gas emissions and loud noises while operating. It can produce noise up to 90 to 110 decibels. It also has a pull-cord mechanism for starting, which can prove to be challenging to start when your gas mower is relatively old.

An upside to having a gas mower is that it’s definitely more powerful than any other type of mower. It cuts thick grass with ease. It’s a reliable go-to option for many people. It also offers considerable running time, and can be brought around your lawn without having to worry about cords or the like.

Electric Lawn Mower

These kinds of mowers are divided into two categories: Corded and Non-corded; both of which have their ups and downs. For starters, a corded mower can give unlimited running time for the equipment. However, it also gives limited access to areas on your lawn because of the cord length. In addition, mowing the lawn with a cord trailing behind can be inconvenient for some people.

A non-corded mower or a battery-charged mower, as other people know it, can be used anywhere on your lawn without having to worry about cords. The downside to it is that running time is very limited depending on its charged battery. Most non-corded mowers even take 20% of its charge just powering up the equipment.

Electric Lawn Mowers require an electric charge to operate. Clearly, it is a more environment-friendly option than gas mowers because they do not produce any greenhouse gas emissions. They also offer an easier start-up mechanism, and produce less noise than gas-fuelled mowers. Unfortunately, electric mowers are usually more expensive than other types; but, it can actually be cost-efficient in the long run.


Electric Mowers versus Gas Mowers

Electric Mowers Gas Mowers
Price Electric mowers have the highest initial price than other types of mower. The price usually starts at 500 US Dollars. In addition, you also have to consider additional electricity cost. Gas mowers have a relatively low initial price. However, expect to spend more over time. This type of mower requires heavy maintenance. In addition, gasoline price hikes can considerably affect your budget.
Noise This type of mower produces less noise than a gas mower. This type of mower produces very loud noise – 90 to 110 decibels, sometimes more.
Maintenance Upkeep for electric mowers usually just requires basic maintenance such as cleaning and blade sharpening. Maintenance for gas mowers are a bit tedious compared to other types of mowers. Aside from regular cleaning and blade sharpening, they require routine tune ups and oil changes.
Ease of Use Electric mowers offer an easy mechanism start-up. They can usually power up by a press of a button. However, a corded electric mower can be an inconvenience when being used because of its cord trail. Gas mowers have a pull cord start-up mechanism. This can be challenging to deal with over time.
Performance If you have thick grass to cut all the time, electric mowers are not for you. This kind of task can be overbearing for an electric-powered mower. It also has issues about running time, depending on which kind of electric mower you are using. In general, gas mowers harbour more power than other types of mowers; Cutting through thick grass routinely will pose no problem for this type of mower.
Environmental Impact Electric mowers are environment-friendly. They produce no greenhouse gas emissions. Gas mowers can negatively impact the environment. This is the only type of mower that produces greenhouse gas emissions; this poses great risk for the environment.

The Verdict

In the end, which mower is the best choice?

Both types of mowers have their own strengths and weaknesses. The best mower for you will highly depend on your financial situation and lawn care needs.

Financially, choosing the more affordable option in the market does not mean spending wisely. Remember that gas mowers, despite having a fairly low initial price, can bring about more expenses for maintenance and fuel. However, it will take a considerably long time before you can actually notice savings from using an electric lawn mower, even if it’s used in mowing a relatively small yard.

In terms of lawn size, large lawns or yards can prove to be overbearing for electric mowers, especially since they have limited power source or charge. In contrast, gas mowers can be very handy when it comes to mowing large areas.

In conclusion, many factors can affect the suitability and performance of your chosen mower. If mishandled and used incorrectly, even the best type of mower cannot effectively perform. The best thing to do is to weigh in your options depending on what your lawn needs before purchasing anything.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Mowers

Q: How long can an electric mower operate?

A: The operation time of electric mowers depend on what type it is. Corded electric mowers can give unlimited running time to areas where the cord can extend to. However, some corded mowers have an estimated hours of usage declared by manufacturers to prevent it from heating up or getting overused.

Non-corded electric mowers, on the other hand, have limited running time depending on its charge.  This is why you have to consider the charging and running time of an electric mower before making a purchase.


Q: How long can a fully charged electric mower operate?  

A: Typically, a fully charged mower can run up to 60 to 90 minutes.  


Q: What is the difference between a manual reel mower and an electric reel mower?

A: Manual-reel mowers solely depend on the operator’s pushing capabilities, while electric reel mowers draw power from its batteries to operate; this makes it a more user-friendly option.


Q: Which type of mower can cost more when repaired?

A: Electric mowers are usually more expensive to repair, but it really depends on what your lawn mower is. For obvious reasons, a gas riding mower will cost more to repair than an electric self-propelled mower. But generally, electric mowers of any kind have a pricier repair cost compared to their gas counterparts. So what is good option for you Repair or Replace


Q: Which type of mower has a pricier maintenance cost?

A: Despite its affordable initial price, gas mowers gradually become expensive as time passes by because of its maintenance. Routine tune ups and oil changes may have a considerable price range, but it does weigh on your bank over time.


Q: Which type of lawn mower has expensive components or parts?

A: Electric lawn mowers have pricy components and parts. This is one of the reasons why repair cost for electric mowers are high as well. Aside from that, electric mower parts are a little hard to find compared to gas mowers.    


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